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Eine Welt aus Safran, Minze, Leder und Sandelholz.

Willkommen in der Medina! Nehmen Sie eine Nase! Die Altstadt von Marrakesh ist eine olfaktorischeSensation. Wolken aus Düften ziehen durch dieSouks: Safran, Minze, Leder, Sandelholz, Vanille,Zitronenblüten, Rosen und Jasmin. Untermalt von Trommeln und quarquabas, die einen Kosmos aus farbenprächtigen Bildern in wilde Trance versetzen.

A world made of saffron, mint, leather and sandalwood.

Welcome to Medina! Take a nose full since Marrakech’s historic centre is full of exotic and fascinating smells. Smells such as saffron, mint, leather, sandalwood, vanilla, lemon verbena, rose and jasmine fill up the souks. The steady sound of drums accompanies the visual sensations one experiences here: colourful, wild and free.

Corbusier, Jacobsen, Eames and the scraggy.

Marrakech’s wild soul is captured in each and every of the traditional Moroccan carpets. Sure, we’ve already known them before because of Le Corbusier, Arne Jacobsen, the Bauhaus or Eames. Almost every famous designer owns or uses one for their furniture to have that little extra in their lives. The Berber carpet simply adds that special something to their straight-lined architecture: wild and a little archaic.

Woolly warmth for the architecture of emptiness.

Le Corbusier loved the carpet’s patterns, especially since they played an important role in his “sublimation of architecture through emptiness”. He used the vibrant patterns to add an extra touch to financier Raoul La Roche’s mansion in 1923. La Roche collected cubistic and puristical works of art, and the Berber carpets filled the mansion’s rooms with warmth.

Handmade unique copies, carefully tied with square knots.

During our trips to the Atlas Mountains, we spotted the most beautiful carpets. Handmade unique copies made of natural uncoloured lamb’s wool, just as Corbusier’s classics: naturally white or light beige, accentuated with dark brown or black diamond patterns. In winter, the carpets were used as a bedspread, and in summer as the nomad tent’s floor.

Directly from the Berber’s villages up on the Atlas Mountains.

If you take a look at our shop, you will encounter many different carpets: new or vintage, earth-coloured or colourful Kilims, off-white or dark brown Beni Ouarains, different versions of the diamond pattern, scraggy or with a fine touch. Ethnic for your loft, chiselled for your mansion or gorgeous for the palace.

A piece of heaven on the ground.

No matter which carpets we show you, the colours and patterns always remind us of Medina’s heaven. If you carefully stroke the wool, you can still feel the warmth, and if you take a look at the pattern, you can almost hear the drums. Shukran Marrakech! Thank you, Marrakech!

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