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Die Mum-Blogs sind sich einig: Design und gute Gestaltung sind ein wichtiges Mittel, damit Kinder ihr Zimmer lebhaft und begeistert nutzen.

Kinder wollen lachen, spielen, tollen, Kreativität und Phantasie entwickeln, weiter kommen. Sie wollen in einer Welt bestehen, in der zukünftig nichts nach Schema F verlaufen wird. Aber wie sollen Sie das? In Kinder- und Jugendzimmern, die in der Regel nur drei Anforderungen erfüllen: Praktisch, haltbar und abwaschbar zu sein.

What are the “mum blogs” saying?

They totally agree: design and nice arrangement are important if they want their children to feel comfortable in their rooms and use them lively. They need furniture that challenges their imagination as well as it leaves enough room for development – to learn about tidiness, for example. Not as a punishment, though – having fun while tidying up is the key here.

What are the designers doing?

The answer is: a lot. They’re providing unusual furniture and accessories that aren’t only objects to use but also toys – to play and have fun with. With IQ, colours and twists to encourage and inspire children.

Learning is fun with Eiermann & Co.

The Eiermann table now comes as a mini version to fulfil children’s demands: due to connecting bars, the table actually grows as the children do and the table top is secured, so it will stay at its place, even if your children are boisterously romping around. The Fixx container has four rolls to push it around and – the best part – a secret drawer that can only be found after an in-depth inspection. To brood about the location of said secret drawer, you can sit on Turtle, where seat and back rest can be individually adjusted. Of course, Turtle is certified.

Duii also lets children’s eyes shine

A desk lamp as cool as the fanciest jeans. Which is no surprise since it is designed by Foscarini and Diesel. Turn it on and be astonished – Duii won’t only lighten your room, but also children’s eyes.

Untidily tidy with Famille Garage

Hanging up or setting up? The small chest of drawers by Famille Garage is to be used in the exact way you like. It contains colourful and firm push trays that basically invite to tidy the room. And it doesn’t even look bourgeois.

Me Too and the thing about hooks

The Paradise Tree now makes it possible to have fun while tidying up – according to the principle “Find your favourite hook” since there really are a lot of them. They come in the lively shape of knobby hands, leaves and other things.

The toy eater by Marcel Wanders

The little pig by Marcel Wanders is another way to get your children to happily tidy up their rooms. It eats toys, books and other things. And – in contrast to a real pig – it will give them back.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

(Pablo Picasso)

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